Active suggestion program inspires better employee performance and bottom line profits. Employees have suggestions that can lower costs, increase revenues, improve efficiency or produce greater quality. Worker participation draws on the employee‘s firsthand familiarity with the job and allows the employee to become involved in the work process.


OpenSpace company‘s suggestion management software is a tool to manage the suggestion process. All the phases are computerized from filling the suggestion form to rewarding the suggestion. The process itself is flexible and the results are easy to monitor. Employees can browse all the suggestions, see the state of the suggestions, read the feedback of the suggestions, see the bonus sums and read the diaries of the suggestion committee.

Some properties of the suggestion management software

  • employee‘s Suggestion form
  • employees can see the state of the suggestions:
    • on the feedback round
    • ready to committee meeting
    • awarded
    • implemented
  • flexible feedback requests
  • bonus recommendations
  • reminders to give feedback
  • meeting process
  • committee‘s agendas, letters and diaries
  • notifications to employee
  • approval of bonus by management
  • e-mails or letters to payroll office
  • follow-up of implementation
  • several reports

Technical requirements

Software is web based i.e. web browser is needed to run the software. Software can be installed to local network. Recommended browser is Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher.

All programs are for Microsoft platforms

Microsoft partner

Contact information

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