OpenSpace Oy

Background about our company

OpenSpace Oy was founded in 2001 to build and market web-based software to small and medium-sized companies and also to the public sector. Company´s domicile is in Nummi-Pusula, Finland. All the employees work from their homes as teleworkers. Modern ITC-technology has made it possible to stay in touch with colleagues in real-time even though we are in different cities.

Products and services.

Our main software products are the NetEazer and idea management software system. NetEazer is a content management tool for managing web content. That means we build a web site for you and your task is to insert the content, text and pictures. The content editor´s user interface is accessed via Internet browser. So the updates to internet pages can be made with a connection and a browser.

The idea management software system allows employees to make suggestions to improve companies and their processes. Our idea management software package is fully customizable to meet the needs of any organization. Software runs in company´s local area network. And like in all our softwares the user interface is accessed via Internet browser.

We also build softwares that are tailored to the customer´s needs, for example different database solutions and online services.

Customers and current projects

  • the city of Lohja
    • renovation of internet- and intranet -sites
    • several tailored web-based software
  • PRH (National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland)
    • renovation of intranet -sites
    • different patent databases in Internet
  • Metsä Board
    • idea management software system to several mills
  • SCA Hygiene Products Ab
    • idea management software system

Future plans

OpenSpace Oy plans to improve the interactivness of web sites and web based software. Our research and development efforts are focused on enhancing web browsers interactive capabilities and the use of user-customizable software.

Contact information

OpenSpace Oy

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